LeadWell™ by Theory unites leadership + wellness, working with clients to curate a boutique leadership + wellness journey.

Supporting individuals and organizations

LeadWell™ by Theory was born out of the desire to support individuals and organizations to embrace and explore the powerful intersection of leadership and wellness. We are seasoned and dynamic professionals who know the value and power of good leadership, and equally the importance of bringing wellness practices into one's daily life.

With diverse business, entrepreneurial and wellness backgrounds ourselves, we see firsthand the benefit of individuals and organizations incorporating simple tools for leadership + wellness. We believe that individuals, and in turn workplaces and organizations, are most successful when individuals are self-aware and balanced.

Customized Programs

We will work with you to craft a boutique experience that meets your unique needs.

Network of aligned practitioners

We work with a range of individuals to offers a well-rounded and enhanced experience.

Holistic Approach

We believe the best leaders take a grounded and holistic approach to all things. Our offerings help enhance this journey.


We believe in and draw from the world of science in everything we do.

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